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Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs)

SPAC Search

SPAC Search is a proprietary search engine for identifying SPAC transactions. Using over 30 different criteria points, you can find and analyze transactions that meet your requirements. Once you find a transaction, you can see all the details associated with that transaction and download the results.

Acquisition Data

  • Target Company
  • Announcement Date
  • Acquisition Date
  • Acquisition Value
  • Target Country
  • Target Industry/Sector
  • Shareholder Vote Date


  • SPAC Status
  • S-1 Filing Date
  • IPO Pricing/Closing Dates
  • IPO Amount
  • IPO Security Type
  • IPO Advisors
  • Sponsor Placement Data


SPAC Quick Reports

Our SPAC Quick Reports include a list of the most frequently searched queries on the SPAC database. Find what you’re looking for quickly — and with just one click.

  • SPACs (Publicly Listed; Merger not Consummated)
  • SPACs by Banker (All SPACs)
  • SPACs by Investor (Including all Publicly Listed)
  • SPACs in Registration (Pre-IPO)
  • SPAC IPOs (All)
  • SPAC League Tables
  • SPACs with Foreign Issuer Status (F-1 Filers)
  • SPAC IPO Statistics (Annual Summary)
  • SPAC Filing Statistics (All SPACs, Annual & Quarterly Summary)


SPAC Daily (email)

SPAC Daily emails are sent each morning and list the prior day's newly filed and updated SPACs. These daily emails allow you to monitor new SPAC IPO filings and pricings, Business Combination announcements and other significant additions/changes in information related to existing SPACs. Email may be customized to allow users to receive alerts based on SPAC Status, IPO date and size parameters, Business Combination valuation and even on selected SPACs, Underwriters and Law Firms.


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