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PrivateRaise is the leading research and data provider of: PrivateRaise provides comprehensive solutions for:

PrivateRaise is the leading source for comprehensive analysis of private investments in public equity (PIPEs), Reverse Mergers, Shelf Registrations, and Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Our service simplifies monitoring and researching transactions and the entities associated with these transactions including investors, placement agents, and law firms.

PrivateRaise is the leading provider of PIPE data, and is used by the leading institutions due to the guarantee of the highest quality data on the market, and the most advanced business development tools.

Deal Activity

Shelf Registrations

# of Shelf Registrations since 1/1/08: 9,048

Reverse Mergers

# of Reverse Mergers we’re tracking: 2,277

Reporting Shells

# of Reporting Shells we’re tracking: 1,128


# of SPACs we’re tracking: 356